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  CDL RENTAL is family-owned and operated right here in Texas.  Since our company opened its  doors, we’ve treated every customer like they are a part  of our family. Other companies may offer a similar service, but  our services are the best and you'll receive the personal touch we provide to all our happy customers.  We have a 100%  success rate when it comes to passing the class A driving exam. 

  We provide assistance to everyone from all across the state of Texas. Renting a truck and trailer for the cdl road test has  never been easier than picking up the phone and calling our company. You will receive the cdl truck rental and cdl test  training to assist you with getting a Class A cdl - commercial driver license. When you use our service you will be  provided an instructor to give you the information necessary for you to pass your cdl exam.

  Most people who cannot afford to pay for a cdl truck driver training school find that our cdl test truck and cdl training  is a less expensive alternative, and quicker way to obtain a commercial driver license - cdl, saving you time and money.  We are not a truck driving school, but offer a very inexpensive alternative to get into a cdl license within a short period of  time. You will work one on one with one of our professional cdl instructor's in the class A combination vehicle. You will  receive the test training on the exact same cdl road course that the driver license examiner expects you to perform.

  • CDL Rental considers SAFETY to be FIRST and FOREMOST especially when driving a commercial vehicle.                                
  • We provide instruction on the safety requirements of the cdl test. 

  • Each individual will receive time to get familiar with the vehicle by working with an instructor before your driving test.

  • Each person will receive time in the testing truck to practice.

CDL Rental reserves the right to deny service to anyone we deem to be unsafe, disrespectful, or may pose to be a hazard to others on public roadways. CDL Rental Service is not a truck driver training school.