CDL Rental 
No Longer In Business

 CDL Rental is a Class A CDL Test Truck Rental company. We have compiled a list below to help you get started with your cdl test. You will find that there are several  steps involved in getting a Texas Commercial Driver License - CDL. 

 First you will need to provide the information that the driver license office requires for you to obtain a TEXAS CLASS A  CDL. 

 Then you will need to pick up a Texas Commercial Driver License Handbook at your local driver's license office.    

 You will need to take and pass a DOT physical exam and receive a DOT medical card. The physician must be registered  with the FMCSA.

 Once you have studied the required sections of the handbook, you will need to go to your local driver license office to  take the tests. It isn't necessary to take the tank, hazmat, double/triples, to get a class A CDL.

 There are a total of five written tests that must be completed for the Class A CDL License. 
 You will need to get the CLASS A CDL learners permit, this permit allows you to work with one of our instructors on  public roadways. 

 Contact us to schedule an appointment to RENT the cdl truck for your cdl drive test, and to work one on one with an  instructor before your cdl road test. The information you will receive from the instructor is to insure that you are familiar      with the truck and what the drivers license examiner expects you to perform.

CDL Rental reserves the right to deny service to anyone we deem to be unsafe, disrespectful, or may pose to be a hazard to others on public roadways. CDL Rental Service is Not a truck driver training school. 
             Required Documents and Forms                                                 for a Texas CDL:

 Identification Requirements

 U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Presence Requirement

 Proof of Texas Residency Requirement

 Certified Medical Examiner Certificate Requirement